Adjustable Supima Cotton Face Mask with a PM2.5 Filter


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Washable and sustainable skin-friendly made in England Luxury Face Covering

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A PM2.5 filter pocket has been knitted into the snood for optional protection. Each mask comes with one filter.

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Product Summary

96% Star Supima Cotton with 4% elastane and adjustable cords
Cool to skin, breathable, hypo-allergic skin-friendly natural fibre
Seamless 3D knitted mask for optimal comfort
Micro-fresh® Technology to protect the wearer from bacteria and odour.
Replaceable PM2.5 Filter - Each mask comes with one filter
Filters are recommended to be swapped during a longer-wear to reduce moisture build-up. Filters last for 30 hours of use.

Spun and dyed in Manchester by English Fine Cottons
Knitted in Leicestershire, England
Latex free and OKEO-TEX® Certified cotton for prolonged wear

Biodegradable cotton face covering
Intended for non-medical grade use only
Non-refundable if the original packaging has been opened

Fabric Care

Machine washable at 30-60 degrees or hand wash. Tumble dry is optional.

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About our filters 

A replaceable PM2.5 filter pocket has been knitted into the mask for extra protection and for easy filter replacement. Each mask comes with one filter.

Filters are recommended to be swapped during a longer-wear to reduce moisture build-up
Filters last for 30 hours of continuous use
Filters should be swapped to prevent moisture build up during longer water times
Filters trap dust and pollution so can become clogged due to other containments so may need regular replacement
Filters are not washable

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    About Our Supima® Cotton

    Supima cotton is a luxuriously soft and durable cotton which is grown only in the USA.
    It makes up less than 1% of cotton grown in the world.
    The fibres are grown under laboratory-like conditions with GPS tractors and laser levelled fields to minimise water usage.
    The farmers monitor the growth to ensure the fibres are over 3-4 times longer than regular cotton, and the crop is rotated to each harvest.
    The extra-long staple fibres means when spun, they produce an incredibly soft and durable yarn which produces an outstandingly comfortable wear
    Supima® cotton also absorbs colour and retains colour for much longer than regular cotton

    About Our Micro-Fresh® Odour Resistant Technology

    The active ingredient in Micro-Fresh® is natural and sustainable, it is free from nanotechnology and is effective in reducing bacteria by up to 99.9%.  Wash tested effective beyond 50 washes with a 95% efficacy.  Micro-Fresh products are independently tested by the University of Leicester and Aston University to ensure the technology continues to develop and give the very best to our customers.   We are Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certified,  BPR registered and have the British Allergy Foundation stamp of approval, making Micro-Fresh® hypoallergenic, safe to use on the most sensitive skin.

    Why are our masks a sustainable choice?

    Cotton is a natural fibre which will biodegrade much faster and without any toxic waste production when compared to polyester or face coverings made of man-made fibres.

    Our masks are washable, and will not retain odours unlike polyester masks which will harbour bad bacteria and begin to hold odour much like polyester or man-made gym clothing and trainers. We believe this significantly increases the life span of our masks.

    Our masks are also made in Great Britain, with the dye and spinning process performed in Manchester, England so we have reduced our carbon footprint significantly more than imported options. Our Supima cotton is the worlds finest, and grown under strict conditions in California which abide by all modern safety practises.

    The durability of our cotton means that the lifespan of our masks is significantly longer than other cotton masks in the market.


    These products are not medical personal protective equipment (PPE grade) items. These devices are designed for personal non-medical use only in the hope of reducing the spread of the virus and acts as barrier protection only. 

    We produced our mask as a sustainable alternative to polyester and synthetic masks, and in response to the UK governments change in the recommended use of face coverings in certain areas