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Posted on September 11 2016

five ways to style mens white tshirt

A simple t-shirt is a staple for any man's attire. It can be fashioned with almost anything and for any event, from work to a night out. In this article I will be talking about five different ways to style a simple Paul James knitwear t-shirt.

Our unisex t-shirt comes in both black and white, and is made from mid weight 100% Egyptian cotton. We've engineered the garment into a contemporary slim fit, and finished it off with a silicone wash treatment to give it the softest handle.

 The first look would be picture-perfect for a casual day out. This combination styles our t-shirt with chinos, trainers and our Ravensdale 100% Italian merino wool cardigan. The first look could consist of the white tee with some beige chinos, low white Converse sneakers and the Ravensdale cardigan in navy for a laid back nifty look. You could also take the black t-shirt with the same chinos and the Ravensdale olive cardigan and a pair of boating shoes to give a twist to the look.


  five ways to style a tshirt


The second outfit is a spontaneous assembling of the t-shirt with a humble undone shirt with some jeans and a duo of boots. Just take the white t-shirt with a grey shirt, dark blue wash jeans, grey boots and sunglasses for a flattering all around the year look. You could do a similar outfit with the black tee, black jeans, converse and a denim shirt for an evening meal. For autumn you could also wear a thicker shirt for when the days grow colder.


  five ways to style a tshirt


The third style is for a warmer day. Merely take the white or black t-shirt and pair it with some shorts. You could simply wear the white tee and some denim shorts, with your favourite trainers and sun glasses for a chilled but smarter outfit, or you could have a laid back look with the black t-shirt and grey gym shorts with some trainers. 


  five ways to style a tshirt


The fourth appearance is for the office. Take one of our t-shirts with a pair of rolled up trousers, boat shoes and a coat. You just humbly take the black tee, black trousers, black boat shoes and a beige coat for a clever autumn or winter office look. You could also take the white tee with some cord trousers and the same black boat shoes and coat for a just as enjoyable outfit change.


  five ways to style a tshirt


The last get-up could be used for many gatherings such as; a party, a meal, or a day out. It puts together a tee, suit jacket, a pair of ripped jeans and trainers. You could take the white tee with a black jacket and some ripped blue jeans for a softer look. For something more formal you could have the black t-shirt with black jeans or trousers and the same suit jacket with a pair of white trainers to add a bit of interest.


  men black blazer t shirt drawing



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