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Tough Stain Removal Powder


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Powerful Stain Removal Powder

Clothes Doctor's No.10 is a targeted stain removal treatment for your garments. The clever blend of natural ingredients will remove even the toughest stains without fading your colour fast fabrics. It is ideal for use on our cotton knits.

It contains wonderful plant-based extracts and is free from chlorine which make it kinder on your skin and the environment. The Stain Remover is thoughtfully packaged in 100% aluminium with a compostable label.

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Product Summary

  • Made in Britain
  • Contains natural ingredients
  • Vegan
  • Recyclable packaging
  • For machine or hand wash
  • 250ml

Directions for use:

It is important to deal with any stain as soon as possible before it gets too embedded. Wet the affected area with the hottest water that the care label will allow. Apply the stain remover directly to the stain, massage gently with your fingers or a soft sponge, and then leave to soak in warm water for an hour. If the stain has faded but not totally disappeared, then repeat. When it’s totally disappeared, wash by hand or by machine as normal.