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Posted on September 06 2016

the history of V neck sweater

The V-neck jumper is an item which has stirred up interest since the 1920’s, whereas back then they were known more as the ‘Men’s pullover sweaters’. It was something that proved very popular to the younger audience in vibrant colours such as; orange, blue and green. Patterns were also just as popular such as; checks, plaids and even just a simple stripe. Another style that became popular were ‘The Fair Isle Sweater’s’ which the prince of Wales wore to a golf course, which is when they became more popular once again, as more and more men picked up on the latest trend that had been introduced. They were also worn by men who played tennis in the USA. Bill Tilden would wear them before and after his games.


tennis v neck cotton pull over sweater


Colour is a huge thing to consider when you are styling up the sweater with other items that you already own. Our lightweight 100% cotton jumpers come in; Ginger, Ash grey, Twany Port and Morrocan Blue as well as our core collections in black, greys and navy. This style of pullover is perfect for many different occasions; work, dinner, a day trip etc. If you have chosen to go with a bold colour from the collection such as ginger, you may want to style it down with a jacket to keep the look simple and clean if the outfit is for an occasion such as work. If you were to wear the black jumper, it could be easily styled with a shirt and tie, for work then worn through the day and late at night to a meal or special occasion with the tie simply removed to give the jumper more of a laid back feel. You could also style the burgundy sweater for work with a shirt and a simple grey suit jacket and trousers to add a twist to your everyday office wear.


v neck sweater mens cotton orangemens v neck jumper offers sale
mens grey v neck sweater
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