The Men's Cotton Submariner Roll Neck Jumper

Bhavik Master

Posted on May 15 2019

The Men's Cotton Submariner Roll Neck Jumper
About our Timeless Men's Cotton Submariner Sweater
The submariner sweater gained its cult following from being a core uniform of navy personnel during the world wars. Sturdy, oversized and built to last the roll neck would mean that the wearer is protected from all the elements, and the knit can withstand the harshest of conditions. The added benefit of cotton in this case is that cotton does not pill, so it is pretty durable. 
Cotton is great choice for mild days as its breathable and does not insulate as much as wool. We like to wear ours when the weather is either up and down, so we layer with an extra fine merino wool crew neck or our roll neck jumper, or with a heavyweight cotton t-shirt. Moreover, it's perfect to throw on during long walks or chilly mornings, as it adds a thick layer without compromising your lightweight layer underneath. Finally the drop shoulder is a joy to wear, so no tight shoulders for those of you with broad shoulders.
mens cotton submariner roll neck jumper
mens cotton submariner neck mens cotton submariner sleeve
We love the weight of this knitted 5 gauge fabric as the cotton really adds a cloak like drape to the single jersey knit. The added drop shoulder makes this sweater easy to wear, and comfortable, ideal for long country walks and cosy nights by the fire.
mens chunky navy submariner jumper
navy cotton jumper sleeve mens mens cotton navy roll neck jumper
Our Cotton Submariners come in navy, black, tawny port and ecru. Style as you wish, this is a statement piece without the noise and price.

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