Final Order Date for Christmas - 17th December

Women's Outdoor and Trekking Merino Wool Clothing

Explore our range of essential pure wool, lambswool and cashmere layers for outdoor pursuits. Just like your body hair, wool is a reactive natural fibre, the helical structure means that it expands to create insulated pockets of air when cold, or constricts to allow efficient wicking of moisture from the skin when perspiring, thus keeping you cool and dry when warm, and cosy when it's cold.

100% wool is also self-cleaning as it is a natural product which harbours its own good bacteria, a gentle steam in-between wears will keep your garment fresh, or a gentle dip in tepid water with baby shampoo and a natural dry will bring it back to new.

Cashmere is eight times warmer than wool, so for the ultimate lightweight layer the value offering is excellent, and alpaca is four times warmer than wool which is why we use this in our socks.

Brushed Lambswool Blanket Scarf
Brushed Lambswool Fringed Scarf
100% Cashmere Ribbed Beanie Hat & Scarf Gift Set
Lightweight 100% Extra Fine Merino Fisherman Beanie
Lightweight Ribbed 100% Extra Fine Merino Beanie Hat
Womens 100% Chunky Merino Wool Submariner Roll Neck Jumper