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PM2.5 Filter | Replacements for face mask


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Face covering Replacement PM2.5 Filter

  • Filters are recommended to be swapped during a longer-wear to reduce moisture build-up
  • 8 cm x 12cm
  • Each filter is recommended for 30 hours of use
  • Do not wash your filter
  • This filter is not a medical-grade product for protection from pathogens and is intended as extra barrier protection only
  • Filters trap dust and pollution so may require more frequent changes if they are more difficult to breathe through 
  • Non-refundable if open
  • Free UK shipping on all orders of £50 or more

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These products are not medical personal protective equipment (PPE grade) items. These devices are designed for personal non-medical use only in the hope of reducing the spread of the virus and acts as barrier protection only. 

We produced our mask as a sustainable alternative to plastic masks, and in response to the UK governments change in the recommended use of face coverings in certain areas