Why Choose a Deconstructed Knitted Blazer?

Learn more about the unique and innovative style of the unstructured knitted blazer, a perfect blend of sophistication and comfort. This modern take on traditional menswear has become increasingly popular for its fashion-forward appeal and versatility.

What are Deconstructed Knitted Blazers?

Deconstructed knitted blazers are a modern twist on the classic blazer. Unlike traditional structured blazers, these blazers are designed with a more relaxed and informal feel. They are made from knitted fabrics, such as jersey, cotton, or linen, which provide a comfortable and lightweight fit.

Key Features of the Unstructured Knitted Blazer:

  • The unstructured knitted blazer boasts a relaxed silhouette that offers a more casual and contemporary look compared to traditional tailored blazers. Crafted from high-quality wool or cotton blends, it ensures both durability and comfort while maintaining an ethical sourcing process.
  • One standout feature is its seamless construction, eliminating unnecessary bulkiness while providing a sleek appearance. The absence of shoulder pads gives it a softer, more natural drape on the body.

The Evolution of the Unstructured Knitted Blazer:

The concept of deconstruction in fashion emerged in the 1980s as designers began experimenting with unconventional materials like knitwear to create visually striking yet comfortable garments. Today, renowned designers such as Paul James Gabriel have embraced this trend by incorporating their unique twists into their collections.

Learn more about the fashion history of the unstructured blazer in our buyer's guide here.

Why Choose a Deconstructed Knitted Blazer?

The deconstructed knitted blazer is a modern and innovative style that seamlessly blends the sophistication of a traditional blazer with the comfort and versatility of knitwear. It offers a contemporary twist on classic tailoring, resulting in a relaxed yet refined look.

Key Features and Characteristics of this Style:

  • Relaxed silhouette: Unlike traditional tailored blazers, deconstructed knitted blazers have an unstructured silhouette that exudes casual elegance. This allows for easy dressing up or down depending on the occasion.
  • Lightweight design: Knitwear is naturally lightweight, making it ideal for transitional seasons or layering during colder months. The deconstructed nature of these blazers further enhances their lightness, providing freedom of movement and breathability.
  • Textured fabric: The use of knit fabric creates visually appealing textures such as ribbed, cable-knit, or jacquard patterns that add depth to any outfit.
  • Versatile styling options: Deconstructed knitted blazers can be styled in various ways to suit different occasions – from pairing with jeans for a casual look to wearing over dresses or trousers for more formal events.

Identifying Top-Quality Knitwear:

When it comes to finding the perfect deconstructed knitted blazer, understanding what sets apart top-quality knitwear is essential. Here are some key factors to consider when identifying quality knitwear:

1. Yarn Types and Quality Indicators:

  • Wool: Look for natural fibres like merino wool, known for its softness, durability, and excellent insulation properties.
  • Cotton: Opt for organic cotton or Pima cotton, as they are both breathable and hypoallergenic.

2. Recognising Superior Knitting Techniques and Finishes:

  • Stitch Consistency: High-quality knitwear will have even stitches throughout the garment without any loose threads or irregularities.
  • Seamless Construction: Seamless knitting techniques ensure a smooth finish with no visible seams or bulkiness.
  • Ribbing and Trims: Pay attention to well-executed ribbing on cuffs, collars, and hems. Additionally, check if buttons are securely attached using reinforced stitching.

3. Importance of Fit and Construction in Knitwear:

  • Proper Fit: A well-fitting deconstructed knitted blazer should drape nicely on your body without being too tight or overly loose.
  • Structure & Shape Retention: Look for knitwear that maintains its shape over time while still allowing freedom of movement.
  • Reinforced Stress Points: Check if stress points such as shoulder seams or pocket openings have additional reinforcement to prevent stretching or tearing.

Ready to Buy an Unstructured Blazer?

When it comes to finding top-quality deconstructed knitted blazers, our latest men's unstructured blazer collection is where style meets versatility. These wardrobe essentials effortlessly blend a laid-back and casual aesthetic, suitable for various occasions ranging from formal gatherings to relaxed events. Our unstructured blazers prioritise comfort without compromising on the latest trends, making them a top choice for individuals with a discerning fashion sense. 




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