Cotton Guide

When looking for a yarn that will comfortably fit in to your everyday wardrobe and provide piece of mind knowing that it won’t require an intense care process, cotton may be the yarn for you.
Cotton can only be grown in tropical climates and so working with our India based cotton spinner, we’re able to produce high quality, uber-soft cotton that is spun on the latest in industry technology. Our cotton knitwear is manufactured in our India based, family-run factory and allows us to offer fair and transparent knitwear, cutting out the middleman and working directly with our customers.

We create classic and contemporary styles in a range of bright and muted colours and offer an assortment of ultra-fine, midweight and heavyweight cotton pieces. 
100% extra fine and chunky luxury natural fibre cotton knitwear


Continue reading to discover six reasons why 100% cotton knitwear should become part of your everyday wardrobe rotation.

 Benefits Of Cotton


Low Maintenance

Unlike more delicate yarns, cotton is a low maintenance, everyday fibre that is commonly found in wardrobes across the globe. It is an incredibly durable fibre and so can withstand common wear and tear more robustly. By washing your cotton knitwear inside out and never machine washing above 30 degrees, the quality of your cotton piece will remain with little effort required.


Breathable and Lightweight

Cotton is a famously breathable yarn and thanks to its moisture regulating qualities, your skin will breathe freely without feeling trapped or constrained. It’s the perfect piece for layering when the weather changes.


Ultra-Soft and Skin-Friendly

Hypoallergenic and butter soft, cotton is the perfect piece of knitwear for those with sensitive skin or wool allergies. If you’re looking for a knit to layer with your coarser yarns, a cotton garment would provide you with an additional layer of comfort without any added bulk. 


Cost Efficient

Widely accessible, cotton is perhaps the most cost efficient, versatile yarn within natural fibre knitwear. It lends itself to colour and stitch variation and so contemporary designs can be achieved at a lower price for the customer.


Cotton is incredibly resistant to pilling which is where the short fibres of the yarn are brought to the surface by friction caused by movement. You’ll find that wearing your cotton knitwear as an everyday piece will be an easy transition to make with very little upkeep.


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