The Benefits of Wearing Wool

October is Wool Month, and throughout the month, we celebrate one of the most widely used natural fibres for knitwear. This month is dedicated to appreciating the many benefits of wearing wool knitwear and what makes this ancient yarn special. 

Wool has negative connotations for some customers, and in large parts this comes from coarse yarns that feel itchy and uncomfortable when worn close to the skin. We use different types of wool, such as hypoallergenic merino lambswool, and using industrial washing process on our British wool to increase its softness making it more comfortable to wear.

In this article, we explore the benefits of wearing wool knitwear and why this sustainable yarn is perfect for the autumn and winter months.


What are the benefits of wool knitwear?

An ancient yarn with a history that traces back to 6000 BCE, wool has long been a staple fibre, protecting wearers against the cold and enduring everyday wear and tear. The wool yarn we work with is much finer than its historical counterpart, offering incredible insulation while being soft and more skin-friendly. Wearing wool knitwear has a lot of benefits,  


Warm & Insulating 

The hollow cells at the centre of each fibre make wool incredibly insulating. When air circulates throughout, the structure naturally traps this air, distributing heat and enhancing insulation to keep you feeling warm. 


Odour & Dirt Resistant 

With naturally occurring bacteria that neutralise odours, wool requires significantly less washing than synthetic fibres, and its natural oils create a dirt-resistant surface. 


Low Maintenance & Hardwearing

With a natural ability to retain its shape, wool is a robust yarn, and its stain and dirt resistance, caused by the oils naturally present in wool, make it easy to care for. 


Temperature Regulating

Ideal for hot or cold weather, merino fibres can trap or release heat depending on your body temperature thanks to its thermo-regulating properties.


Lightweight & Resilient

The unique crimped structure of merino fibres makes them lightweight yet incredibly warm while also extra strong, durable and elastic, allowing the yarn to hold its shape well.


Soft and Skin Friendly

With incredibly fine fibres, the surface texture of merino is super soft, making it perfect for wearing next to even the most sensitive skin.


Sustainable & Biodegradable

Wool is made from a renewable material, making it more sustainable than synthetic fibres, which are often laden with microplastics. Because it's a natural material, it will also biodegrade over time, causing less harmful environmental impact.



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