British Wool Guide

British wool is famed for its hard wearing and versatile handle. Though often seen to be a coarse, dense yarn, the journey our British wool takes means that it has a surprisingly soft surface texture.
Our British wool is certified by the British wool board which means that it has passed through a grading system that confirms the quality of fibre, the conditions in which the sheep are flocked and whether or not the fibre is fit for purpose.
Due to the process of combing and spinning, there may be individual fibres that don’t take to the dye as intensely, this is due to their micron length and varying characteristics. This will result in your British wool jumper having undyed, natural fibres running throughout.
Taking inspiration from history and transforming itself into contemporary patterns and silhouettes, if you’re looking for a jumper that will last a lifetime, British wool will have you covered.
 100% chunky British wool luxury natural fibre knitwear

Continue reading to discover the five fantastic qualities that make a British wool jumper your new wardrobe must have.

Benefits Of British Wool 


Cost Efficient

Sourced and spun in Britain, it is a cost effective, low travelled fibre which contributes to the final price and low carbon footprint. When cared for correctly, the cost of your British wool jumper over its lifetime will pay for itself.


 Durable and Robust

Steeped in history, British wool has been the go-to yarn when making robust, outdoor ready knitwear. British sheep often live-in unpredictable surroundings with ever changing weather, this makes their coat incredibly heavy duty. Organically stain resistant and with a natural ability to retain its shape, British wool is an incredibly hardworking fibre that works brilliantly when knitted into complex and considered garments and accessories.



At the centre of each British wool fibre is a cluster of spongey, hollow cells. When air circulates throughout, the structure naturally traps this air, distributing heat and enhancing insulation. Whilst a British wool jumper is often a chunky addition to your wardrobe, it also has the ability to let the skin breathe by absorbing moisture when the atmosphere is damp and releasing this when the air is cooler.


 Sustainable Fibre

Sheep are shorn every 12 months and grow a new fleece each year, this makes their wool an entirely renewable fibre and with over 60 breeds being taken care of by some 40,000 farmers, there is no shortage of this fantastic, durable product. Sheering sheep is a necessary process as without maintenance, sheep often find themselves susceptible to infection and overheating in the summer months.


Low Maintenance

British wool has naturally occurring oils and the fibre has a scaled structure, this means your jumper will not absorb dirt and allow for easy cleaning and upkeep. By absorbing moisture, wool reduces the amount of perspiration that sits on the body, which means that your British wool jumper will require less hard washing, often being revitalised with a quick freshen up in a breezy room.


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