The Benefits of Linen

The summer months call for cool and breathable layers that keep you feeling comfortable on warmer days. In our summer knitwear guide, we extolled the virtues of wearing breathable and cool fibres over the warmer months of the year, like cotton. Our Indian-grown cotton is soft and naturally hypoallergenic and has been a longtime staple of our spring and summer knitwear collections. Thanks to its naturally hypoallergenic properties, cotton is also an excellent fibre for those with allergies and sensitive skin.   

This season we are excited to announce a new arrival to our collection for spring and summer; a new blend of cotton and linen provides the perfect fabric for warm days in the sun and balmy evenings abroad. Cotton and linen are plant fibres synonymous with summer and are known for their airy, lightweight feel. We turned to linen, an ancient fabric made from flax which is also breathable and skin-friendly, to create this new blend that is perfect for summer.


A brief history of Linen

ancient linen production in egypt

Linen is an ancient fabric and was first produced by prehistoric man more than 38,000 years ago, according to fibre scraps discovered in the Caucasus mountains. In Ancient Egypt, Linen was used in everyday life and as part of the mummification process. While in Ancient Rome, the flax plant was named 'linum usitatissimum', translating as 'most useful flax' thanks to the seeds' use in textile manufacturing and nutrition. 

It was the ancient Phoenicians who exported linen yarn to the wider globe, allowing it to reach Britain and Northern Europe, as well as Persia, India, and China. In North Europe, linen became used primarily to make shirts, shifts and undergarments, which could be worn close to the skin under heavier-weight wool clothing. The word lingerie itself originates from ligne, the French word for linen.

Why should you choose linen fabric in summer? 

Linen is an ideal yarn for the summer months thanks to its naturally evolved properties. Our skin-friendly cotton linen blend yarn uses 70% cotton and 30% linen to create a cool, breathable, lightweight fabric that is perfect for the warmer months of the year. Sustainable and naturally durable, this versatile yarn is easy to maintain. From its absorbency and breathability to its softness, learn more about the benefits of linen to understand why it makes the perfect yarn for summer knitwear. 


Both cotton and linen are made from plant fibres which are renewable sources and will naturally biodegrade, making them a sustainable choice.


Linen and cotton are characterised by their long durable fibres with high tensile strength, which resist pilling, regular wear and tear and can be washed at high temperatures.

Soft and Skin Friendly

Made from the fluffy staple fibres found in cotton bols and flax, linen and cotton are soft, skin-friendly yarns that continue to get softer with every wash.


Being natural fibres, cotton and linen are both cool and breathable, allowing air to circulate and absorbing moisture to help you feel cool and fresh. Linen also has anti-bacterial properties, which neutralise odours.


Naturally hypoallergenic, cotton and linen are suitable for those with even the most sensitive skin and allergies.


Discover our cotton linen collection


Our new cotton linen collection has a range of menswear summer staples like our luxurious knitted t-shirts, which are the perfect way to elevate your everyday wardrobe. 


linen tshirt for men


Lightweight and breathable, Salvador is a classic crew neck t-shirt made from a blend of cotton and linen yarns. Ideal for the summer months, this stylish knitted t-shirt is an easy way to elevate your everyday wardrobe with its elegant drape, French shoulder detail and smart tubular trims and cuff. Cool and airy, cotton and linen are soft and comfortable to wear next to your skin and perfect for your summer holiday wardrobe.


Or discover our cotton linen collection of Cuban collar shirts for the perfect vacation-ready shirt that takes inspiration from retro resort wear.  


mens linen cuban resort shirt

Dante is a stylish button-through Cuban collar shirt with an easy-to-wear silhouette, made from a blend of high-quality cotton and linen. With its stylish textured detail, this comfortable shirt will elevate your holiday wardrobe and is ideal for dressing down with shorts for a beach day or trousers for balmy evenings. 


mens resort shirt

Vincenzo is a Cuban collar ultra-fine short-sleeve knitted shirt, perfect for elevating your holiday wardrobe. Made from a cool and breathable blend of high-quality cotton and linen, this lightweight button-through shirt is cool and comfortable for the summer months and balmy evenings. We finished this style with premium corozo natural buttons.


Our cotton linen buttonless polo shirts are another summer wardrobe staple with a comfortable open-collar placket.

mens buttonless linen polo

Raphael is our lightest weight summery buttonless polo shirt, new to our bestselling collection, made from a cool, comfortable blend of linen and cotton. With its open collar and flattering semi-relaxed resort wear fit, this easy-to-wear polo shirt is the perfect addition to your holiday wardrobe. Breathable and airy, the cotton linen blend is ideal for the warmer months, providing comfort even when temperatures soar.


With its breathable and cool properties, our new cotton linen blend is the perfect fabric for summer, and we are sure these new arrivals will be on regular rotation in your wardrobe for years to come. Discover the collection and invest in new staples for your holiday wardrobe made from sustainable and skin-friendly cotton linen.

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