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Your Guide to 100% Organic Cotton Knitwear For Your Brand

GOTS organically certified cotton ensures that no chemicals and harmful or toxic products are used during the production process. GM or genetically modified sources of cotton are also excluded. The 'seal of approval' also means that the chemicals used in the manufacture, dyeing and finishing are not hazardous. 

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So, what is GOTS?

GOTS stands for Global Organic Textile Standard and it is a recognised trade mark for clothes that contain at least 70% organic materials. But GOTS also ensures that throughout the supply chain, the production of your clothes meets high ecological and both ethical and socially responsible standards. 

1) Why choose organic cotton?

It reduces chemical waste and is the most sustainable way to manufacture cotton, which otherwise is one of the largest produced materials in the world.

2) How does GOTS work?

Global Organic Textile Standard – it is a not-for-profit that sets the standard for the industry in the production of cotton organic clothing.

GOTS innovates and accredits farms and producers for turning the organic fibre into clothes (and other products). 


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We are Paul James - a luxury, Leicestershire-based knitwear manufacturer. We strive to deliver the purest knitwear experience, which is why we shun man-made fibres, instead using only 100% natural fibre yarns in the production of our knitwear. Read more...

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