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Here at Paul James Knitwear we’re not only passionate about bringing trade and business to the heart of the Midlands, we’re also committed to supporting local charities.
With £1 from every sale on our 100% Sustainable Supima Cotton Face Masks being donated, we have raised £4000 since our launch at the start of July 2020.
Continue reading to discover the charities we have supported so far and where future donations raised from our mask sales will be sent. 


ASPIRE is a Loughborough based school dedicated to helping children and adults with autism reach their full personal and academic potential.
Headteacher and Founder Viv Boulton set up the learning centre in 2006 after recognising the lack of variation and diversity in mainstream teaching for those with autism. Instead of using the same educational structure for all students, ASPIRE offers a person orientated approach, catering for the individuals needs and requirements.
Each student has a carefully designed educational plan that allows for both academic progress and personal development. The learning centre has trained therapists who assist students that require further help. This is where our donations come in.
In July 2020, after only 3 weeks of our masks being live on our website, we were able to donate £1000 for ASPIRE to buy yoga and meditation equipment for their sensory therapy room.
ASPIRE are currently unable to take donations but for ways to help throughout the year and where future donations will be spent, visit their website at
Alex’s Wish: Leicester
Thanks to our customers continued support in purchasing our 100% Sustainable Supima Cotton face masks, we were able to decide upon another local Leicestershire based charity to donate to.
Alex’s Wish was founded in early 2010 by Emma and Andy Hallam after discovering that their son Alex had a devastating condition called Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.
Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy is the most aggressive form of MD and affects 1 in every 3,500 boys born. It results in progressive muscle wasting and over time, every single muscle is destroyed due to a lack of protein.
There is no cure for Duchenne’s. There are no treatments other than steroids, which have serious and long-lasting side effects. Experts however believe that within the next 5-10 years, a breakthrough in terms of treatments and eventually cure, is highly likely.
Alex’s Wish was our chosen charity for August 2020, and we are happy to announce that we raised a fantastic £1000.
For ways in which you can help, donate or volunteer, visit their website at for more information.
Rainbows Hospice: Loughborough
Rainbows Hospice in Loughborough has been a lifeline for families in the Leicestershire community for over 26 years. Opening their doors in 1994, they have been providing vital care and support to families impacted by life-limiting conditions.
Only 15% of their funding comes from government bodies and so they massively rely on donations from the public to fund the care the provide. You can find out more information about ways in which you can donate and how our company donation will be spent at
Future Donations

Our fantastic sales over the past 3 months has allowed us to donate significantly more than predicted and we’re happy to announce that our October donation will go towards Leicester Hospitals Charity. £1 from every Supima Cotton Facemask sale will be donated to this fantastic community that offer life saving support and commitment to those who need it most.

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