Supima Cotton Guide

Supima is an incredibly low-energy, low up-keep fibre which makes it ideal for crafting into wardrobe staples such as our men's t-shirts and face masks. These are intended to provide the wearer with a lightweight product that will not require consistent hard washing but will maintain its luxe surface texture and handle.
All of the Supima cotton used within our knitwear is ASA (American Supima Association) approved which means that a select group of specialists have confirmed that the fibre quality meets the standard, and the starting fibre is fit for the end customer’s needs.
Instead of manufacturing on a large, industrial scale, farming Supima on a smaller, more traceable size allows the end product to be steeped in traceability and being a family-owned business ourselves, their ethos of co-operative collaboration is something we’re invested in continuing.
 100% Supima cotton luxury natural fibre knitwear

Continue reading to discover the four clever qualities that make a piece of Supima cotton knitwear your new seasonal go-to.

 Benefits Of Supima Cotton



Unlike regular cotton, which is often cultivated on an incredibly vast scale, Supima cotton is grown on approximately 500 family owned and operated farms. This is to ensure that the high standards of this fibre are consistently met. The use of state-of-the-art technology in the form of GPS tractors and satellite tracking not only allows the farmers to monitor their crop growth but guarantees that there is as little impact on the environment as possible.




Like standard cotton, Supima is an incredibly breathable fibre, keeping you cool and dry for longer. Unlike synthetic fibres and blends which trap air, leaving the body feeling hot and clammy, air travels freely throughout a piece of Supima cotton knitwear which will provide the wearer with a comfortable layer that will allow the skin to breath.



Supima cotton is twice as strong as regular cotton which makes it perfect for creating ultra-strong, durable knitwear that will keep its shape for longer. It has a natural amount of stretch that will allow for unrestricted movement and whilst cotton will tighten when damp, leaving it to lie flat and gentle manipulating the fibres will mean that the silhouette remains intact. 


Ultra-Soft and Skin-Friendly

The additional fibre length found in Supima cotton (1.5 inches vs 1 inch) provides the wearer with an ultra-soft surface texture and durable fabric. When cared for correctly (we recommend washing at 30 degrees or below), your Supima cotton knitwear will continue to get softer over time. Cotton has naturally hypoallergenic qualities and so is suitable for those with sensitive skin and allergies.




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