Our Natural Fibre Knitwear Yarns

At Paul James we use only the purest 100% natural fibre yarns. Our yarns are natures performance fabrics, evolved over thousands of years, our fibres are skin friendly, breathable, offer outstanding wicking properties, thermoregulating, sustainable, beautiful in colour and handle, and most importantly of all comfortable to wear.
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100% Lambswool

Our British spun lambswool is supplied by the firm Z. Hinchliffe & Sons, a recognised high-quality brand with an important heritage that began in 1766. Our Scottish spun lambswool is supplied by J. C. Rennie & Co. another high quality brand that has been spinning since 1798.
The quality of our yarn stems from the source of our fibres. Our luxuriously soft lamsbwool is sourced from the Geelong area of Australia and is spun in Yorkshire, England. Lambswool is extremely soft and lightweight with exceptional insulating properties, making it ideal for a changes in weather.
The union between Z Hinchliffe and Paul James guarantees maximum comfort and quality, leaving you with the reassurance that your money is being invested into a worthy garment.

100% Chunky Merino Wool

Paul James sources its chunky merino wool from one of the most prestigious spinners in South America. With over eighty-two years’ of experience and innovation in the processing of merino wool, it marks our supplier as the leading producer and exporter in the world.
With chunky merino wool being machine-washable, having a natural protective outer layer that helps prevent stains, being easy to tailor and on trend, this all combines to make merino wool one of the best natural fibres in Paul James collection.

100% British Wool

Due to the stratified system of sheep farming unique to Britain, there are thousands of wool producers within the UK, producing nearly 20 million kg of fleece wool a year. Our British wool is knitted into our shooting and Aran jumpers to provide you with an undeniably strong and enviably warm garment that will become a guaranteed wardrobe staple for years to come.
100% Extra-fine Merino Wool
At Paul James, our extra-fine merino wool is imported from one of Italy’s largest woollen mills. Spanning back almost 200 years, our merino products evoke a strong sense of value, quality and beauty, thanks to the highest-quality natural fibres. Available in a selection of summer hues, our extra-fine merino wool range will always be there for you during those "what shall I wear moments?"
In contrast to man made fibres, merino wool is a responsive fibre that reacts to changes in body temperature. Merino wool allows you to stay warm when the weather is cold, and cool when the weather is hot.
100% Cotton
Knitted cotton is breathable, transmits moisture away from the body, is absorbent and removes liquid from the skin. These properties make cotton the ideal natural fibre yarn for warmer climates.

Paul James offers cotton jumpers in a range of muted colours offering you the versatility to dress-up or dress down your go-to jumper depending on your plans.
100% Long Staple Cotton
Our 100% cotton t-shirts are made from a beautifully soft breathable long staple cotton and are knitted into a mid-weight tee in Leicestershire, England. The fabric is then crafted into a t-shirt and silicone washed to give a superior handle. 
Alpaca Blends 
Alpaca is a soft breathable structured yarn which has similar properties to silk. We chose alpaca to be the main yarn for our socks as they are durable and extremely insulating. Alpaca sheep have adapted to cope with temperature fluctuations from -20 to + 30 degrees, resulting in a sustainable natural fibre which has a superior performance for daily wear, regardless of the season.
100% Supima Cotton
Star Supima cotton is pima cotton which is grown under license solely in the USA. The Star mean that this is the highest grade with every fibre reaching over 1.4 inches in length. This results in an extremely strong fibre, which elegantly drapes into any fitted or relaxed garment. Our Star Supima cotton can be traced to every barrel produced by J G Boswell & Co, who own California's largest privately owned farm. The raw cotton is the spun and dyed in Manchester by English Fine Cottons in their state of the art factory, we finally knit and sew our jersey pieces in Leicestershire, England.
100% Cashmere
The most noble of all of our fibres, cashmere is renowned for being the most superior fibre in fashion due to its incredible insulating properties, strength, colour and handle. We source ours from Todd & Duncan who have been spinning their yarn in Scotland since 1857.


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