Halloween, one of the most overlooked holidays here in the UK, yet it is a time of the year you can really let your hair down and realise your inner child. Halloween celebrations as we know them today have been around for over one hundred years and the roots of real festivities lie within the rather extravagant, USA. In this blog post, I will guide you through some of the things I have already been getting up to this year. 

You may perceive Autumn as being overrated (and in particular, Halloween) but what’s not to love? The changing colours of the trees, sweater weather, warm autumnal colours, log fires and cosy nights in, it is my favourite time of the year; from the fashion and cosplay to décor and socialising, I love it all.

women's vintage aran sweater

women's vintage aran mustard jumper sweater

I recently visited an adorable little pumpkin farm just outside of the village in which I live. Usually, I tend to pop to the local shop to grab a pumpkin or two, but this year I decided I wanted to hand pick my pumpkin and I wanted one with a bit of character.

Of course, I had to take full advantage of the unique location and shoot some photos, but, most of all I had to match a beautiful Halloween / Autumnal outfit alongside it. I chose to match a pair of simple dark green trousers with the Paul James vintage aran cropped jumper and some maroon patent booties. Super simple outfit that you cannot go wrong with, and the statement coloured jumper just makes the whole look. 

women's vintage aran sweater

This sweater was perfectly fitting for the occasion, especially as I followed my pumpkin picking with a cup of organic coffee and a slice of walnut cake in the tea room that was on site. Nothing better than a glorious cup of coffee from an independent little café – actually scrap that – there’s nothing better than coffee full stop.


women's vintage aran croppped jumper

women's vintage aran sweater

women's vintage aran sweater

How do you like to celebrate Halloween? Perhaps you have young children and like to take them out trick or treating or maybe you just have a night in hiding from the trick or treaters knocking on your door every two minutes! When I was younger my Halloween consisted of answering the door and handing sweets to the other children who were actually allowed to trick or treat. As I grew older I dressed up, usually as a generic witch, and went around the neighbourhood with my friends collecting sweets. Fast forward to University and Halloween was just another excuse to go out, get dressed up, drink far too much and have a good time. I do not miss those 9am lectures after being out on Halloween, those hangovers still haunt me. Now, I tend to stay in and snuggle up on the sofa with a blanket and watch scary movies with my partner – oh how times change.

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