The Art of Sprezzatura, or effortless men's style

Sprezzatura is the Italian art of effortless dressing, a term used to describe that perfect balance of style and nonchalance. The epitome of Sprezzatura is not looking too put together, or as if you have tried very hard to create a stylish outfit. 


What Is Sprezzatura Style?


Sprezzatura is an Italian word that first appearing in the 1600s in Baldassare Castiglione's The Book of the Courtier. The term was defined then by Castiglione as 'a certain nonchalance, so as to conceal all art and make whatever one does or says appear to be without effort and almost without any thought about it'. The word has since become synonymous with the effortless style many Italian gentlemen are well known for.


What is an example of Sprezzatura?


Achieving this classically Italian look is about blending formal menswear and more tailored pieces with everyday staples to create a summery look that feels laidback and comfortable but still looks refined. Since Sprezzatura is about effortless (or the attempt to look effortlessly good), a key aspect of this aesthetic is comfort, and choosing a range of relaxed fitting, boxy or oversized cuts is key to achieving the look. 


While Sprezzatura is a mode of dressing that is technically seasonless, it is more associated with the summer months. Italy's sunbaked piazzas, undulating hills, sparkling lakes and colourful coastal towns which hugs the shores of the Mediterranean encourage a relaxed, slow pace of life. And the art of Sprezzatura calls for cool and breathable fabrics, like cotton and linen, which are suitable for sunny days and balmy evenings. Airy and comfortable, these natural fibres also tend to offer a looser drape suited to this sartorial style.


An example of creating an outfit that feels like Sprezzatura is pairing formal tailored trousers with a knitted t-shirt or loose-fitting open-collar shirt. The more casual or oversized garment creates contrast, contributing to a more relaxed overall aesthetic. The idea is to mix styles to create an outfit that feels more casual while still looking stylish and considered. You can achieve the look with our elevated wardrobe staples that will make your spring-summer dressing a more straightforward affair, helping you adopt that effortless Italian style. 


Sprezzatura Outfit Ideas


mens open collar linen polo shirt


Open Collars


Open collars offer a relaxed silhouette in keeping with the more casual essence of Sprezzatura. A modern take on the classic, our buttonless polo shirts create a laidback, minimal profile perfect for achieving this Italian style. Easy to pair with chinos or tailored trousers for the office, our breathable polo shirts are made from ultra-fine cotton available in short- or long-sleeve styles. Or available in our new cotton linen blend with short sleeves.


buttonless poloshirt pure cotton
mens pure cotton open collar shirt



knitted jackets summer tailoring



Unstructured Tailoring


One of the staples of Sprezzatura is unstructured tailoring that creates an elegant silhouette without feeling too formal. Our deconstructed blazer is the perfect piece to help you to achieve this look, offering a lightweight, relaxed alternative to a traditional tailored men's blazer. We turned to master menswear tailors to create the perfect fit, and our collection includes short, regular and long lengths to allow you to find the perfect cut. Unlined and with Italian-made real horn buttons, notch lapels, two patch pockets, and a functional inside pocket with a button, this blazer is stylish and practical. Constructed using a half Milano knit structure, the fabric is sturdy and machine washable, making it easy to care for. This knitted blazer can be styled with a light linen shirt or one of our knitted t-shirts.


mens knitted jackets
mens cotton tailored jackets



mens cotton shirt
mens shirt jacket buttoned


mens luxury knitted t-shirts



Elevated wardrobe staples


Attention to detail is one of the hallmarks of classic Italian style, and elevated wardrobe staples made from the finest materials are an easy way to achieve this, from our stylish knitted t-shirts that offer a smarter alternative to classic cotton t-shirts to pure alpaca wool socks that provide comfort and elegance to your look. 


Offering a stylish alternative to an everyday jersey cotton t-shirt, our knitted t-shirts are made from ultra-fine cotton with smart French shoulder detail and fashioning around the neck. Easy to pair with our deconstructed blazer, these eco-friendly t-shirts are breathable and cool. 


ultra fine cotton knitted t-shirt
mens cotton tshirts



knitted t-shirts made from cotton
knitted t-shirt french shoulder


Inspired to make your wardrobe feel a little more effortlessly stylish the Italian way? Discover our full menswear collection to shop our range of summer knitwear perfect for helping you to master the art of Sprezzatura.

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