Why should you sleep in wool?

According to a recent study from The University of Sydney, sleeping in wool has been found to support better sleep hygiene and improve the quality of your sleep.
Researchers found that one of the leading causes of sleep disturbance was the thermal environment, meaning the temperature of sleepers or their physical environment.

Wool Sleepwear Enhances Sleep Quality and Speed

Their findings revealed adults wearing sleepwear made from wool fell asleep twice as fast as those wearing polyester and cotton. They also found their sleep quality was much better due to the fabric's ability to thermo-regulate, adapting to the body's needs and allowing sleepers to enjoy deeper, less fragmented sleeping patterns.

Wool's Sustainability

Sustainable and kinder to your body and planet, merino wool comes from a renewable source and, over time, will naturally biodegrade. At the end of 2022, we launched our pure merino activewear, our most versatile and comfortable collection yet. Made from the finest Italian merino, our activewear is designed for 24/7 wear.
luxurious activewear italian wool


Along with the benefits of improved sleep hygiene, merino wool is highly adaptable and comfortable to wear while enjoying sports, particularly winter sports like skiing and snowboarding, as its ability to offer insulation helps protect from wind chill. This property also makes merino an excellent base layer for countryside hikes or long runs on colder days. 
With its ability to wick moisture away from the skin and naturally neutralise odours, merino is perfect for working out, but can offer equal comfort for lounging at home or while travelling.
mens wool activewear 
Known as nature's performance fibre, merino is a more sustainable choice for both activewear and loungewear. Free from odour-producing bacteria, the fabric needs less intensive washing than its synthetic counterparts.
When it came to sourcing our merino wool, we turned to industry favourites Zegna Baruffa (Est. 1850) and Lanerossi (Est. 1817). We use these spinners for all of our extra fine merino knitwear to enable us to create the highest quality lightweight Italian sweaters.
italian wool mill lanerossi zegna baruffa
As two of the finest and oldest mills in Italy, the high-quality merino produced by Zegna Baruffa (Est. 1850) and Lanerossi (Est. 1817) is made from the wool of sheep reared in New Zealand and Australia. Famed for their exceptionally soft fleece, only the finest fibres are selected during the spinning process to create yarn that is industry-leading and of unbeatable quality. Then we knit each piece using the latest Japanese technology to create the finest, lightweight fabric at our family-owned factory in India. The collection has been thoughtfully designed with added perforations to offer maximum technical performance while being worn.
From long sleeve thermal base layer training tops for men and women with thumb holes to keep your hands warm on cold days to thermal leggings and pure merino accessories like beanie hats and snoods, our collection offers a great range of items to suit sporty lifestyles and offers you greater comfort to be able to work out no matter the weather.

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