Choosing The Right Yarns For Autumn And Winter

Here in England, the seasons have begun to click into place. There's a crisp bite to the morning air. The leaves are turning golden. It's starting to feel like it's time to unpack our winter clothes and prepare for the colder days. 

As the seasons change, now is the perfect time to refresh your wardrobe for the cooler seasons. From lightweight layers made from the finest Italian merino to soft and cosy lambswool, hard-wearing British wool and luxurious, chunky merino from Peru, in this guide, we're sharing more about our favourite fibres for autumn and winter knitwear.

Sustainable and renewable, the natural fibre yarns we work with are free from micro-plastics and odour-producing bacteria and will eventually biodegrade. 


Extra Fine Merino 

Thanks to its thermo-regulating abilities, merino has earned a reputation as a year-round fibre. Soft and fine, the tight knit structure gives the fabric an incredibly lightweight feel. 

It's perfect for days when the weather is less predictable and provides comfort with its moisture-wicking properties. As the temperatures drop, merino also makes the ideal base layer under thicker knitwear and is comfortable when worn close to the skin.

We work solely with Italian-spun extra fine merino sourced from some of the world's oldest mills, Zegna Baruffa (Est. 1850) and Lanerossi (Est. 1817).


womens italian wool jumper roll neck
mens turtle neck lightweight jumper italian wool



Naturally hypoallergenic, lambswool is an incredibly soft fibre that's the perfect winter yarn for even the most sensitive skin. Its lightweight fibres provide excellent insulation even on the coldest days. 

Our lambswool knitwear has a noticeably soft handle thanks to the beautifully fluffy fibres that make up the yarn. We work solely with wool sourced from Yorkshire suppliers, Z. Hinchliffe & Sons (Est. 1766). Based in the picturesque village of Denby, Hinchliffe source the yarn entirely from the Geelong area of Australia, recognised globally as the leading provider of the world's more luxurious fibres. Only the shortest, finest fibres are selected during the spinning process.


menswear lambswool knit

Chunky merino

Sourced from a Peruvian cooperative high in the Andes mountains, our chunky merino is ultra-soft, breathable and temperature-regulating. Protecting merino sheep from extreme climate, the fibres adapt from sub-zero temperatures to balmy days, offering comfort in all seasons.

Our chunky merino is one of our most popular winter yarns. It characterises our more traditional-looking knits, from cosy cable knits and Aran jumpers inspired by North Sea fishermen to classic ribbed knits. 

We source our yarn from long-standing spinners who share our passion for the traceability and sustainability of their fibres, allowing us to stay true to our ethos to produce sustainable knits made from renewable, responsibly sourced yarns. 


mens merino wool turtle neck chunky sweater



womens cropped submariner style jumper

Women's 100% Merino Cropped Roll Neck Submariner Jumper





British Wool

Known for its hard-wearing properties and versatile handle, British wool is often dismissed as a coarse fibre. However, the journey our British wool fibres undergo during processing leaves them with a comfortable, luxuriously soft texture.

We use certified British wool, ensuring the welfare of the sheep and the quality of the fibres used in our yarn. We love that British wool often has a more natural look and feel. This is due to the process of combing and spinning, meaning you may find individual fibres that haven't taken to the dye as intensely, caused by their micron length and varying characteristics.


mens ribbed british wool jumper
mens british wool fisherman sweater
british wool hiking socks

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