Breton Stripes: The perfect knit for summer months

A modern classic, the Breton stripe jumper has a long, illustrious history and one that we've explored in some of our older posts. In the past, we've written about ways to style a Breton and the history of the Breton stripe jumper, and it remains one of the most versatile basic knits, now associated with timeless style and French fashion. First introduced as the French naval uniform in Northern France in 1858, the classic Breton stripe sweater is something of a wardrobe staple, loved worldwide. Its original design, perhaps not surprisingly, was both incredibly functional and imbued with symbolism. Using a distinctive 21 stripe design, each representing one of Napoleon Bonaparte's victories, the pattern was intentionally very eye-catching. This feature being particularly useful for spotting any wayward sailors who may have fallen overboard while at sea.

While they still retain some association with their nautical past, the modern Breton sweater is more widely recognised as an iconic French fashion staple, associated with the effortless style of Parisian men and women. As summer creeps closer, many of us will be headed to spend time by the sea, so it's no surprise that this nautical-inspired classic is a staple summer knit for many people. Whether you style yours over a pair of your favourite jeans or layer around your shoulders, in this post, we're exploring our current range of classic stripe jumpers. 

Made from pure cotton, our Breton sweaters are breathable, cool and skin-friendly, making them the perfect everyday knit for the spring and summer months. While knitwear might be something you usually only reach for when temperatures drop, pure cotton knits are actually great for the spring and summer months. With hollow cellulose fibres, cotton is one of the most breathable fabrics, making it the ideal fabric for staying fresh and cool on balmy days.

Discover today breton stripe jumpers for men

Lightweight Cotton Breton Stripe Crew Neck Sweaters 

breton stripe crew neck

Knitted in our Indian factory on 14-gauge Japanese flat knitting machines, our Ultra-Fine Cotton Breton sweaters are one of our most popular summer knits. Incredibly soft and lightweight, our ultra-fine cotton is a comfortable, breathable fabric that's perfect for when temperatures start to rise. Available in both men's and women's styles, these flattering sweaters are form fitting, with a slightly relaxed silhouette. Pair with jeans or shorts for an easy to wear, elegant everyday look. Our men's Breton stripe polo shirt is also a great ultra-fine cotton piece, with short sleeves to keep you cool on warmer days.


Men's Ultra-Fine Cotton Crew Neck Sweater



womens breton sailor top


Women's Ultra-Fine Cotton Crew Neck Breton Sweater



mens striped polo shirt top


Men's Ultra Fine Cotton Breton Stripe Polo Shirt


Chunky Cotton Breton Stripe Sweaters 


Ideal for those unpredictable summer days, our chunky cotton jumpers make the perfect layer. They look stylish worn with a t-shirt, or a crisp linen shirt, when wrapped around your shoulder for a casual, preppy look. They also work well layered over your favourite summer dress, as a warmer layer to wrap up in after evening BBQs. As the sun goes down and you start to feel the chill after a day spent outside, these soft, incredibly comfortable jumpers will keep you feeling warm and toasty. We currently don't have a men's chunky cotton striped sweater, however for a nautical inspired look, our Ribbed Cotton Fisherman Jumper or Nordic-inspired Fisherman Tuck Stitch Jumper are great choices!

Women's 100% Cotton Ribbed Breton Jumper


Men's Ribbed Cotton Fisherman Jumper


Discover today breton stripe jumpers for women.

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