Five Ways to Wear our Women's Extra Fine Merino


Five Ways to Wear our Women's Extra Fine Merino

From cool outfits to co-ordinates that are right for the office (and won't have you freezing), there are plenty of ideas to inspire you below. Read on for everything you need to know.


Why Chose Merino Wool Garments?

Beautifully tactile and incredibly easy to wear, our Extra Fine Merino Wool is at the front of the pack when it comes to luxury and wear ability.

Designed by nature to protect the human body from the environment and at the same time, be in harmonious unison with it.

Extra Fine Merino Wool is nature’s wonder fibre and has been around for centuries, playing an integral part in the creation of our wardrobe classics.

The wool fibres are fine and light, meaning Merino wool is an ideal fibre for all year round wear. Extra Fine Merino Wool is able to trap air effectively, therefore insulating the body from the colder climates. You do not have to worry about any unpleasant clammy sensations, as our Extra Fine Merino Wool is breathable in warm and cold weather, which is an attribute that synthetic fibres do not have.


Where Does Our Merino Yarn Come From?

Our Extra Fine Merino wool is imported from one of Italy’s largest woolen mills. Spanning back almost 200 years, our merino products evoke a strong sense of value, quality and beauty, thanks to the highest quality natural fibres.

Filivivi Italian Extra Fine Merino Wool

 Filivivi Srl

How To Wear Extra Fine Merino

Whether you are in the office or going for a casual evening out, our Merino garments will create the perfect classic piece for your wardrobe. Our collection consists of a wide range of silhouettes including: a long sleeve crew neck, v neck and roll neck, plus sleeveless options. Our Merino range is available in a variety of colourways, from classic colours including navy, light grey marl and black, to soft neutrals including rose pink and green, plus a vibrant red. There is a colour to suit every mood.


We have put together our favorite style ideas on how to wear our Extra Fine Merino garments, suited for a variety of occasions.


1. The Office

To create this sophisticated office look, team our soft coloured Merino roll neck jumper with a relaxed trouser suit.

Women's 100% Extra Fine Merino Roll Neck office outfit


2. Pub Lunch

A bright knit is all you need to make a statement, we recommend neutralizing vivid hues with jeans, simple jewelry and arm candy. 

Women's 100% Extra Fine Merino Wool V Neck Jumper, pub lunch outfit


3. Night Out

Dress up our sophisticated sleeveless roll neck, with slim black trousers and heels, for the perfect evening outfit

Women's 100% Extra Fine Merino Sleeveless Roll Neck, evening outfit



4. Afternoon Socials

Team up a leather midi skirt with our Merino camel roll neck to create the perfect combination for an afternoon out with your favorite people

Women's 100% Extra Fine Merino Wool Long Sleeve Roll Neck Jumper, afternoon tea outfit


5. City Break

Our ecru merino jumper is a contemporary classic that will ensure you are cool and comfortable whilst exploring, during the perfect city break.

Women's 100% Extra Fine Merino V Neck Jumper, city break outfit


View more of our women's Extra fine merino wool knitwear.

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