Now that the cold snap has well and truly settled in, we've picked a few of our mens essential winter layers which are ripe for introducing to your wardrobe this winter...

Step 1. Switch your base layer

Swap your cotton t-shirts for an extra fine merino wool jumper to sit on top of your skin. Merino is favoured by the elite as it wicks moisture, and regulates your body temperature. It's the go-to base layer for both arctic explorers and performance skiers.

Step 2. Protect your feet

Nothing will insulate your feet and protect your toes from the cold bite more than our cushion sole alpaca walking socks. These socks literally feel like you are walking on air, and the thick sole is a joy to wear indoors. Available in black, cream and navy.

Step 3. Layer up with a chunky knit

Here we have two of our heavyweight contenders for this season - our Mens 100% Merino Wool Roll Neck Moss Stitch Jumper and our 100% Merino Wool Submariner Jumper.  Designed to keep the wind at bay, we never leave home in the winter without one of them. Available in Black, Navy and Ecru - there's something for everyone in this collection.

Step 4. Accessorise

Our unisex 100% merino wool ribbed beanie hats are nothing but a joy to wear. Knitted in our Leicestershire factory using Italian spun merino the dense and thick structure make them perfect for brisk walks and winter runs.
mens merino charcoal beanie

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We are Paul James - a luxury, Leicestershire-based knitwear manufacturer. We strive to deliver the purest knitwear experience, which is why we shun man-made fibres, instead using only 100% natural fibre yarns in the production of our knitwear.


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