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Introducing our merino activewear collection

Inspired by the pace of modern life, our most versatile and comfortable collection takes you seamlessly from work and everyday life to travel and training in all types of conditions.

Our journey began with finding the right natural fibre, and we turned to merino for its versatility, comfort and performance. Withstanding extreme climates, merino wool protects sheep from sub-zero temperatures and adapts to keep them cool on hot, dry days.


mens thermal sportswear 

Men's Heavyweight Merino Activewear Training Top

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Women's Midweight Merino Activewear Training Top


We use yarn from the finest Italian mills, Zegna Baruffa (Est. 1850) and Lanerossi (Est. 1817), made from the wool of sheep reared in New Zealand and Australia, famed for their exceptionally soft fleece. Then we knit each piece using the latest Japanese technology to create the finest, lightweight fabric.

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Read more about Zenga Baruffa, a world leading spinner of merino wool


Sustainable, adaptive and intelligent fibres

From trekking at the foothills of the Himalayas to cycling across the undulating hills of Europe, we travelled the globe to test our merino activewear collection’s endurance, performance and adaptability.


womens thermal leggings

Women's Midweight Thermal Leggings

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Men's Midweight and Heavyweight Thermal Base Layers


Thanks to its thermoregulating properties, merino adapts to suit all climates, making it the perfect year-round fibre. In winter, the fibres insulate your body, creating a breathable layer that traps heat next to your skin, protecting you from wind chill. While in summer, the fibres wick moisture away from the body, keeping you cool and dry.

Sustainable and biodegradable, merino is also naturally antimicrobial, freeing it from odour-producing bacteria found in synthetic activewear.


 merino wool sportswear

Women's Heavyweight High Neck Training Top


The benefits of merino wool


Created using the latest Japanese knitting technology, our yarn uses an incredibly fine, tight knit structure to create a lightweight fabric that’s easy to pack and convenient for travel.

Temperature Regulating

Ideal for hot or cold weather, merino fibres can trap or release heat depending on your body temperature.

Odour Resistant

Thanks to its antimicrobial properties, merino wool naturally neutralises body odour, preventing the need for extensive washing.

Quick Drying

With moisture-wicking properties, merino fibres draw perspiration away from your body to the garment’s surface, keeping you cool and dry.

Crease Resistant & Resilient

The unique crimped structure of merino fibres makes them extra strong, durable and elastic, allowing the yarn to hold its shape well and preventing creases.

Soft and Skin Friendly

With incredibly fine fibres, the surface texture of merino is super soft, making it perfect for wearing next to even the most sensitive skin.

Low Maintenance

Merino requires significantly less washing than synthetic fibre activewear and is naturally water and dirt repellent, so it only requires a gentle steam to refresh between washing.


Merino is a natural fibre that comes from a renewable source and will eventually biodegrade.


merino wool wash care


Washing guide

When it comes to caring for your merino activewear, only a quick, occasional hand wash is required. Thanks to the natural antimicrobial properties of merino, the fibre is odour-resistant and does not need to be washed as regularly as synthetic garments. Follow our washing guide to prolong the life of your merino activewear and ensure it remains in the best possible condition.

Our merino is suitable for handwash only. Machine-washable merino wool is treated with a heat-resistant plastic, which cracks when washed and tumble-dried. This causes the fibres to degrade, resulting in more pilling, the fabric to lose its shape and your garment to appear worn quicker. By hand washing, you can extend the life of your activewear.

To wash your items, soak in tepid water in your sink, bathtub or a bucket, using odour-free baby shampoo or a gentle wool detergent to clean. Once cleaned, remove excess water by pressing and rolling your knit into a towel and laying flat to dry, away from direct sunlight.

To remove stubborn stains, spot clean with a damp cloth.

We recommend for oil-based stains to use washing-up liquid, applied in small amounts to the affected area. Do not use fabric softener, machine wash or tumble your merino activewear, as this can cause the item to shrink.



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merino wool sportswear


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