Our Yarns – 100% Lambswool by Z. Hinchcliffe & Sons

Here at Paul James Knitwear we pride ourselves on sourcing and knitting with the finest yarns. To produce our collections, it takes a combination of art, science and heritage.

Our lambswool men's jumpers and lambswool women's jumpers comes from one of the most prestigious brands in the world – Z. Hinchcliffe & Sons, who spin and dye their lambswool fibres in the picturesque hamlet of Denby Dale, Yorkshire, England.


z hinchliffe mill yarn spinning factory

Birdsedge Mill, now owned by Z Hinchliffe and Sons, Birdsedge, circa 1910 (Biltcliffe)

Just like Paul James Knitwear, Z. Hinchcliffe is a family owned and operated business. The company was founded in 1766 and has grown to supply some of the most prestigious brands in the world. Annually, they showcase their yarns at multiple trade shows to brands in the UK, Europe, USA and in the Far East. By operating from five premises in the UK and utilising over 200 years of knowledge they are able to produce some of the finest, and softest handles in our industry.

Hinchliffe supply brands such as Burberry, Chanel, Gucci and Ralph Lauren with their fibres.


z hinchcliffe logo

Z. Hinchcliffe & Sons company logo 

Our lambswool is sourced from the Geelong area of Australia, which is world renowned for producing the finest fibres. These fibres come from the first shear at approximately seven months from the  merino breed of sheep. The fibres are then separated and processed, with only the finest fibres making it into production. The overlapping and twisting nature of lambswool produces its gentle handle.

These fine fibres are twisted and spun to produce a soft yarn that knits to a beautiful consistency and handle. We then wet finish the sweaters using an industrial washing process in our factory in Leicestershire to bring out the unique softness from our lambswool.

The key benefits of lambswool, apart from the premium finish and look, is that the fibres allow perspiration to naturally wick away, and that they are lightweight, and non-allergic.

We produce both menswear and womenswear in 100% lambswool. These knits are beautifully crafted by our skilled staff, and are ideal for the transitional months due to lambswool's insulating properties.



Women's Pure Lambswool Cardigan


british lambswool jumper for men

Men's 100% Lambswool V Neck Jumper


Women's Lambswool Grown On Neck Jumper

mens lambswool cardigan v neck



Disclaimer: Paul James Knitwear does not own any of the non product photos featured in this blog post and all rights and credits go to their rightful owners. Photos were used under the agreement of Z. Hinchcliffe & Sons Ltd. 

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