Pure Natural Fibre Knitwear And Sustainable Fashion

Paul James Knitwear Luxury Pure Natural Fibre Knits
At Paul James Knitwear we’re passionate about helping our customers make the move from man-made fibres, to 100% pure and natural ones.
    Alongside establishing ourselves as a luxury manufacturer and retailer, we’ve also been investigating how we can assist our customers in learning more about the benefits of making the change to more sustainable, environmentally friendly clothing.
    Continue reading to discover more about the yarns we use, how we use them and how introducing a piece of natural fibre knitwear into your wardrobe will change the way you view synthetics.


    Why you should make the change?


     Due to their moisture wicking qualities, natural fibres offer good insulation and trap air which allows you to stay cool and dry, whilst offering warmth, which regulates depending on your body temperature.


    The environmental impact of working with natural fibres is significantly less damaging than manmade ones


    They are renewable and recyclable which means you can rest easy knowing that your natural fibre garments will biodegrade over time


    Water repellent, fire retardant and durable, natural fibres are substantially safer than manmade fibres, especially those with a high plastic or polyester content


    Whilst initially more of an investment, natural fibres will last much longer than manmade ones and are easier to mend if damaged


    Natural fibres dye incredibly well which means colours are brighter and bolder without looking artificial


    Fibres such as merino wool and lambswool are naturally stain resistant and odour repellent which means less energy and water spent on washing them


    Merino Wool 


    Merino Sheep - Zegna Baruffa and Lanerossi Filivivi

    We’re diehard fans of merino wool and its brilliant scientific benefits. Not only does it look fantastic, it is also an incredibly intelligent fibre which slots comfortably amongst your everyday wear.
    We work with both chunky merino wool from Peru and lightweight extra fine merino spun in Italy by industry favourites Zegna Baruffa (Est. 1850) and Lanerossi Filivivi (Est. 1817).
    Working with both chunky and extra fine merino has allowed us to expand our current collections whilst still maintaining our company ethos of pure, natural fibre knitwear, rooted in luxury.
    With prices ranging from £30 to £120, if you’re looking for a premium product that will carry you through the seasons and add an extra touch of indulgence, merino wool is a great starting point.

    Men's and Women's Extra Fine Merino Natural Fibre Knitwear

    Featured Products: Men’s Extra Fine Merino Textured Crew Neck in Navy. Unisex Extra Fine Merino Ribbed Scarf in Navy

    Chunky Merino Wool Men's and Women's Natural Winter Knitwear

    Featured Products: Women’s Chunky Merino Wool Crew Neck in Red. Unisex Chunky Merino Ribbed Scarf in Ecru.


    Merino Wool Facts

    An insulating and breathable fibre, merino wool will keep you cool when you’re hot and warm when you’re feeling a chill
    Naturally, UV resistant, merino wool is perfect for wearing outside
    Merino wool can absorb up to 30% of its own weight which means you won’t sweat through it like synthetic fibres
    Merino wool’s ability to absorb sweat particles, and the fact that wool retains it own good bacteria, means body odour won’t cling to the jumper, this means less washing and leads to a longer life cycle of your jumper
    With naturally elasticated qualities, merino wool holds its shape for longer and creases are less likely to occur

    Paul James Knitwear Chunky Merino Home Edit

    Sitting in front of the sofa and relaxing is a time that we look forward to all day. Tired from work, there’s nothing better than sitting down in front of the TV when you’re ready to collapse. The Megan Chunky Merino Crew Neck in Mustard is a contemporary take on a traditional favourite and the luxuriously soft fibres will keep you comfy all evening. Pearl Grey Alpaca Bed Socks are not only incredibly soft, but the nature of the yarn makes them lightweight and breathable.
    If it starts to get a little chilly, the Lessing Lambswool Brushed Throw in Charcoal Grey is ideal and measuring at 190 x 142 cm makes it perfect for cuddling up with.
    Learn more about the history of merino wool, frequently asked questions and more of our collections, here.




    Lambswool, Pure Natural Fibre Knitwear

    When looking for a jumper with all the warmth and comfort needed for chilly winter weather, there are a plethora of options available, often making it hard to choose between.
    The lambswool used within our men’s and women’s collections is sourced from industry favourite Z. Hinchliffe & Sons (Est. 1766), renowned for their consistently high-quality luxury yarns. This assured starting point allows us to craft ultra-soft, midweight garments, providing all the warmth of chunkier jumpers, minus the additional weight.
    Sourcing Lambswool from the Geelong area of Australia (globally recognised for their high quality of fibre) allows Hinchliffe & Sons to select only the shortest, finest ones when spinning. They are then separated, processed, and twisted into yarn, the twists and overlaps in this process is what gives lambswool its beautifully soft and fluffy handle.
    First introduced in our men’s collections, we have now expanded our use of lambswool within both womenswear and accessories. With prices ranging from £30 to £130, a lambswool product is ideal for gifting others or treating yourself.

    Men's and Women's Pure, Natural Lambswool Knitwear

    Featured Products: Women’s Dropped Shoulder Lambswool Jumper in Dark Grey (also available in Pearl Grey). Men’s Lambswool Button Up Cardigan in Black

    Lambswool Facts

    When cared for correctly lambswool will only get fluffier over time


    As lambswool fibres are both short and fine, they require less processing than fibres from an older sheep. This leads to garments that are less likely to itch and irritate the skin


    Lambswool fibres are hollow and so air can easily circulate throughout the jumper, preventing overheating


    Hypoallergenic and with a brilliantly soft handle, lambswool is great for those with allergies or sensitive skin


    Water and stain resistant, dirt sits on the surface of the fibre and so has a relatively low maintenance care process

    Paul James Knitwear Lambswool Summer Evening Edit

    Summer wedding or simply an afternoon BBQ with friends, after finding your ideal seasonal dress, the next step is having fun with your accessories and allowing yourself to be stylish and yet functional throughout. When the wind suddenly drops, shield yourself from the wind with our Blake Brushed Lambswool Travel Scarf in Charcoal Grey and keeping your feet neutral in colour allows you to have fun with texture in the form of our Everyday Socks in Ecru.
    Learn more about the history of lambswool, frequently asked questions and more of our collection, here.



    British Wool 


    British Wool Natural Fibre Knitwear Made in England

    Though not all used in the production of knitwear, the United Kingdom has the most breeds of sheep of anywhere in the world. With over 60 breeds being taken care of by some 40,000 farmers, there is indeed no shortage of this fantastic, durable product. A notoriously coarse yarn, British wool is famed for its hard wearing, versatile handle, taking inspiration from history and transforming itself into contemporary styles, suitable for everyday wear.
    That being said, not all British wool was created equal. Due to the varying degrees of terrain and weather conditions throughout the country, there are certain breeds of sheep that are more suitable for luxury knitwear. The sheep that occupy hilly, mountainous areas for example, are primarily used within the carpet industry due to the heavy-duty coat sheep grow to protect themselves from the elements. As a rule of thumb, the calmer the weather conditions, the softer the coat and the likelihood of the fibre being using within knitwear is increased.
    Due to the process of combing and spinning British wool into yarn, there will be individual fibres that won’t take to the dye as well due to their micron length and varying qualities. This will often result in your British wool jumper having undyed, natural fibres throughout, only standing to add another layer of heritage and craft.
    Our British wool jumpers are seasonal favourites with our customers across the globe, providing warmth and versatility at a remarkable price.

    Men's and Women's British Wool Autumn Winter Accessories and Knitwear

    Featured Products: Men’s Heavyweight Chunky Fisherman’s Sweater in Ecru and Denim. Unisex British Wool Beanie Hat (also available with British Wool Pompom) in Denim. 

    British Wool Facts 

    Sourced and spun in Britain, it is a cost effective, low travelled fibre which contributes to the final price


    British Sheep live in unpredictable surroundings and so their fleece makes for a heavy duty, hard wearing yarn


    British Wool is fire resistant and so is an incredibly safe fibre to wear


    Sheep are shorn every 12 months, and grow a new fleece each year, meaning British wool is entirely renewable


    Wool can be extended by up to 70% before it loses its shape, this makes it perfect for jumpers

    Paul James Knitwear British Wool The Hike

    Notoriously unpredictable and wild, the ever-changing nature of British weather means that a heavyweight, durable jumper is a must have within our wardrobes. The use of British Wool within our Jarvis Aran Knit Crew Neck ensures that this historic fibre has a new lease of life and when cared for correctly, provides the wearer with years upon years of use. Partner with a Long-Sleeved Merino Crew Neck to protect your skin from irritation and the addition of a Lambswool Ribbed Beanie and Lambswool Brushed Scarf will protect your head and neck from the elements.
    Learn more about the history of British Wool frequently asked questions and more of our collection, here.





    Natural Fibre Ethical Sustainable Cotton Plant

    We don’t believe that luxury knitwear needs to cost the earth. Here at Paul James we’ve crafted collections from some of the finest yarns available and cotton sits comfortably in an affordable and yet durable bracket. Lending itself to both lightweight and heavyweight garments, the versatility of knitted cotton knows no bounds.
    Feedback from our customers has allowed us to grow and develop our collections throughout the year, continuously rolling out new styles and colours, learning about what our customers want and how they see our products sitting within their wardrobe.
    With prices starting from £30, our cotton knitwear is ideal for customers that are looking for garments that will slot easily into their seasonal wardrobe at a cost-effective price.

    Men's Natural Fibre Midweight Lightweight Chunky Cotton Knitwear

    Featured Products: Men’s Midweight Cotton Tuck Stitch Fisherman’s Jumper in Ecru and Navy. Men’s Midweight Cotton Summer Moss Stitch Crew Neck in Navy.

    Women's Lightweight and Midweight Sustainable Cotton Knitwear

    Featured Products: Women’s Midweight High Neck Raglan Sweater in Ecru. Women’s Ultra Lightweight Button Up Cardigan in Biscuit.

    Cotton Facts

    Cotton is hypoallergenic which makes it ideal for those with sensitive skin


    Breathable and moisture absorbing, this reduces overheating and helps keeps you dry


    Low maintenance and easy to wash, cotton knitwear is perfect for a busy lifestyle


    Our cotton is sustainably sourced and so is an ethical product whilst also being biodegradable and will break down over time


    Cost effective and hard wearing, cotton jumpers are the perfect addition to a work wardrobe

    Paul James Knitwear Sustainable Cotton Pub Edit
    Whether or not you’re stumbling across a country pub after a long weekend morning rambling through fields or joining friends and family for a catch up, there’s nothing more satisfying than the smell of an open fire and great food and drink. Our Long Sleeve Merino Polo Shirt in Camel is a great base layer when you’re unsure of where the weather will take you and will keep you cool when you’re hot and warm when you’re feeling a chill.
    A must have in everyone’s wardrobe, the Bennett Heavyweight Cotton Zip Up is a great ‘throw on’ jumper in a soft, yet sturdy yarn. Protect your neck from wind chill and drafts with the Lambswool Brushed Scarf whilst also adding a pop of colour.
    Learn more about the history of cotton, frequently asked questions and more of our collection, here.
    Cashmere Goat Inner Mongolia

    Famously the softest fibre on the market, using cashmere within our luxury knitwear has elevated our collections to a higher, more elite platform. Thanks to its incredibly insulating properties, handle, colour and strength, cashmere knitwear is a must have in your seasonal wardrobe.

    Our cashmere is sourced from industry favourite Todd & Duncan (Est. 1867) and their in-depth knowledge and experience combined with our history of luxury manufacturing has created a line of products that are shrouded in elegance.

    You can read our feature piece on working with Todd & Duncan (Est. 1867) here and learn about their process, technique and how we utilise this incredibly special yarn when it arrives at our factory.

    Unisex Men's and Women's Cashmere Woven and Knitted Accessories

    Featured Products: Unisex Ribbed Cashmere Scarf in Camel. Unisex Brushed Cashmere Scarves in Red and Camel. Unisex Ribbed Cashmere Beanie Hat in Wine.


    Cashmere Facts 

    Super soft and textured, cashmere is the most luxurious fibre available on the market


    8 times more insulating than sheep’s wool, cashmere provides excellent insulation and warmth


    Lightweight and easily compressed, cashmere makes for great accessories, perfect for travelling in


    Cashmere has a high moisture content which makes for a product that will keep you warm when you’re cold and cool when you’re hot


    Whilst initially a more expensive purchase, cashmere is an incredibly hard-wearing fibre and will offer the wearer years of use

    Paul James Knitwear Cashmere City Break Edit

    Whether you’re escaping to another city or simply exploring your own, layering with cashmere is a convenient and classy way to keep warm. Lightweight, breathable and easily packed, our Rohan, Cashmere Crew Neck in Derby Grey is the ideal piece. If the temperature drops, our Ribbed Cashmere Hat and Scarf set in Charcoal is a great way of protecting yourself against the elements whilst keeping a regulated temperature. Protect your feet when adventuring with a pair of Alpaca Walking Socks in Grey.


    Disclaimer: Paul James Knitwear does not own any of the photos featured in this blog post and all rights and credits go to their rightful owners. Photos were taken from Pinterest. 


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