The History of the Breton Jumper

The Breton stripe is something that has been around since the late 1850’s. It came about in France when seamen started to wear the trend, it introduced the navy and white stripe shirt as the uniform that they had to wear while on the job. They were designed to protect them from the different types of weather that they were going to come across while at work. The stripes were something that was very important to the design as they consisted of exactly 21 stripes each one standing for Napoleon's victories. The first sweater with the same Breton stripe as Napoleon's was produced by Saint James in 1889. Coco Chanel was later inspired to bring the trend into the fashion world in 1917 when she saw some sailors working. She would style the new design to be paired with trousers for a trip to the seaside or they would be dressed up with a suit for the upper class. The Breton stripe has gone all the way through history and is still a trend that is very popular now and probably will be for many more years.


The history of the breton sweater


Our Breton stripe jumpers are made from 100% cotton, they are knitted in a lightweight and breathable material which is suitable for all types of occasions, weather it is hot or layered in the cold. We have two different versions of the sweater both with a crew neck but different stripes, one is navy and ecru where as the other is ecru and navy. Our Breton sweater can be styled both up or down; go simple with a pair of jeans for a day out or weekend away. You can also go smart with some trousers and a blazer, possibly for a dinner or the office. Either way this staple item is perfect for any mans wardrobe with its versatile look.


ecru and navy breton jumpernavy and ecru breton jumper

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