Many different designs feature the classic crew neck, whether it is a sweater or a t-shirt this design is seen everywhere. It all started in 1932 when the first crew neck t-shirt was developed. The crew neck was made with a lightweight breathable material so that you were able to layer it with many different things and so you were able to wear it in the summer on its own without becoming too hot.

The crew neck t-shirt was first made as an undergarment for American footballers as it absorbed sweat and helped them to feel more comfortable when wearing their gear during games. The crew neck is classed as an ‘American style’ sweater no matter the material, shape or style because of where it originally came from. After the footballers started to wear them they became more popular to wear during everyday life. They are still a staple for both men and women in fashion today, and are used on many designs for different styles of top, but is still something you see on at least one person everyday.


When it comes to styling the crew neck anything goes, you can pair it with many different items of clothing either dressing it up or down to what occasion you are trying to dress for. Our crew neck jumpers come in different types of wool such as; 100% cotton, merino wool, lambswool or our in pure British wool.

All of our men's crew neck sweaters can be styled up or down and for different occasions such as; a weekend away, the office, shooting or for evening attire. You could style our 100% cotton striped Breton jumper in navy and ecru for the perfect weekend away, with a pair of chino shorts and boat shoes for a classic and clean look.

For the office, you could simply take our 100% British lambswool jumper and style it with a suit and tie for a comfy but smart look. Finally you could also dress our pure merino wool sweater in ecru with a shirt a pair of trousers and some smart shoes for a timeless evening meal look. Of course you could use any of these jumpers just for layering with a simple crew neck t-shirt or shirt underneath, for any occasion.


mens ecru and navy breton stripe jumpermens jumpermens navy and ecru breton stripe jumper


 A women's jumper that features this neck is the hills the crew neck jumper which comes in a variety of colours. These consist of ecru, emerald and mustard. This jumper is made from 100% merino wool and is suitable for any occasion or situation where you need a comfortable cover-up. It could be styled up with a long floaty skirt for an evening meal or dressed down with some jeans for a day out.


womens jumperwomens jumperwomens jumper

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