Winter Sport and Apres-ski Style


Ski season is here, and we know that whether you're hitting the slopes yourself or all about the apres ski, smart natural fibres and layers are the key to winter sports wardrobes. So we've put together an edit of our favourite pieces to inspire your winter holiday wardrobe, whether you're heading to the mountains or just looking for ways to stay stylish and cosy at home.

At Paul James, we're firm believers in the power of natural fibres over synthetic, and there are fewer times that merino wool shines more than as a layering knit. If you're headed to the slopes, merino wool base layers are an absolute essential. With insulating and temperature regulating properties, merino wool can adapt to what your body needs, locking in heat to keep you feeling warm or allowing your body to feel cool when you're a little too hot. This process happens as the wool absorbs and releases moisture during a natural chemical process. Merino wool is also odour-resistant, meaning that no matter how sporty you've been throughout the day, you'll be fine to go straight from the slopes to a meal or enjoy drinks with friends without feeling self-conscious!


Extra Fine Merino for layering 

Our extra-fine merino wool knitwear makes the perfect breathable, moisture-wicking base layer both on and off the slopes. We source our extra fine merino from Italy, and it is supplied by industry favourites Zegna Baruffa (Est. 1850) and Lanerossi (Est. 1817). Light and luxuriously soft, merino wool is the perfect fibre to wear on your skin, particularly when enjoying winter sports. Merino wool is 1/5 of the diameter of human hair. The fibres will move with the wearer, and unlike coarser yarns, they will bend out of the way and won't irritate or aggravate. With naturally hypoallergenic qualities, merino is even suitable for those with sensitive skin.


 navy merino jumper womens

Women's Merino Wool Turtle Neck Jumper



roll neck pea green merino wool

Women's Extra Fine Merino Wool Roll Neck Jumper



mens extra fine roll neck sweater

Mens Extra Fine Merino Wool Jumper 
charcoal mens merino wool jumper
Men's Extra Fine Merino Wool Crew Neck Jumper

Alongside our women's classic crew neck jumpers in our luxuriously soft extra fine cashmere, we love the cosiness of our Women's Merino Wool Hooded Jumper, perfect for a stylish nod to luxury alpine athleisure wear.


merino wool hooded jumper women
Women's Merino Wool Hooded Jumper

Layering with chunky knits

Because it's lightweight, extra fine merino is the ideal base for layering with thicker knits like our chunky merino wool. Try pairing with our chunky merino knits or thick breathable cotton to take you from slopes to aprés-ski, looking stylish and feeling perfectly cosy.

Sourced from Peru, our chunky merino yarn is woollen spun. Light and fluffy yet incredibly warm, the process of making woollen spun yarns involves trapping air between the fibres to create a voluminous chunky yarn. It's a traditional technique that has been used for thousands of years to produce insulating winter knitwear. Perfect for when you've changed out of your snow gear, and you want to brave freezing temperatures. If you're looking for inspiration when it comes to our heavyweight knits, we love for layering include our classic submariner jumpers (available in both men's and women's styles) or a chunky knitted cardigan.

Women's Chunky Merino Wool Submariner Jumper



mens modern submariner wool jumper

Men's Modern Submariner Merino Wool Jumper



mens ribbed cotton jumper

Mens Ribbed 100% Cotton Jumper



womens submariner cotton jumper

Women's 100% Cotton Submariner Jumper



chunky womens cotton cardigan

Women's Oversized Ribbed Cardigan



mens chunky wool cardigan

Men's British Spun Lambswool Cardigan
womens long length cardigan 100% wool

Vintage inspired aprés ski aesthetic

With the release of the Gucci movie in 2021, the vintage ski aesthetic is enjoying a huge revival on the slopes in 2022. Take inspiration from the viral photo from the movie set with Adam Driver pictured wearing a retro rollneck fisherman jumper with Lady Gaga with our heritage style fisherman knit and classic submariner jumpers. Inspired by the the perfect way to get the 70s / 80s aesthetic and look stylish after a day on the slopes. 


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Get the look 


Men's 100% Merino Wool Chunky Fisherman Jumper



ribbed mens charcoal cotton jumper
Men's 100% Cotton Ribbed Fisherman Jumper



 mens chunky british wool rollneck
Men's British Wool Submariner Jumper
womens cropped submariner jumper
Women's Cropped Merino Wool Submariner Jumper
womens fisherman jumper cropped length
Women's Cropped Turtle Neck Aran Jumper



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