100% Chunky Merino Wool Wide Rib Scarf


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Unisex Chunky Ribbed Merino Scarf - Made in Great Britain

This beautifully constructed wide ribbed wool scarf is an ideal way to liven up any outfit. Knitted into a dense ribbed pattern it can be used as travel scarf, or for layering on top of any winter coat. Ideal for gifting, this unisex wool scarf will become your go to piece throughout the year.
Product Summary
Aire (4978B)
Wide ribbed pattern. 170 cm long.
100% South American Merino Wool
Made in Leicestershire, England
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    Fabric Care
    Ideally hand wash with gentle detergent, wool or baby shampoo
    Lay flat to dry on a towel. Apply a gentle iron with a slow steam
    Do not tumble dry
      Benefits of chunky merino wool
      Crease resistant fabric which holds its shape and colour
      Reactive natural fibre which responds to your body temperature
      Outstanding thermoregulating and wicking properties
      Odour resistant material due to good bacteria being able to live on the wool
      Sustainable, carbon neutral, clothing choice
      Why is our chunky merino wool hand wash only
      High street machine washable merino wool is treated with a heat resistant plastic which cracks as you wash and tumble dry. Not only is the handle harder, but aggressive washing damages the merino (and the environment), which in turn means your jumper will pill more, lose its shape and begin to look worn very quickly. This significantly reduces the lifespan of the garment.
      Our merino is luxuriously soft, and sourced from the Andes Mountains in Peru. The provenance of our yarn makes our merino one of the best in world.
      Invest in something special, that is made to last, and environmentally friendly.