Roll Neck vs Turtleneck vs Polo Neck

Do you need to make your work wardrobe more consistent with the current trends? It may be time to refresh your collection by investing in new pieces. Roll necks, turtlenecks, and polo necks are all staple items in your wardrobe. Besides instantly giving you a smart and refined look, these pieces of clothing can be incredibly versatile in style and styling.

Let's look at each neckline and explore how to wear them to give our style an extra flair.

What's the Difference Between Roll Neck, Turtleneck and Polo Neck?

The dawn of fall always brings a revival in the three necklines: roll, turtleneck and polo. It's always the perfect time to take a much-needed inventory of your wardrobe; a refresh of how you'd look and feel when wearing each item.

Roll Neck 

What's a roll neck? 

The roll neck is a cosy and classic essential for any wardrobe, giving off an effortless yet sophisticated vibe. The neckline is casually rolled over towards the chest, hence the name. This usually consists of a knitted material — cotton or wool are the most popular.

When it comes to styling a roll neck, here are some tips:

  • Roll it down no more than twice; anything extra would make the body appear shorter.
  • Balance out the neck's thickness with slim-fit trousers or jeans.
  • Opt for softer tones like pastels to create a more subtle feel.
  • Partner your roll neck with a waistcoat or blazer for a smart/casual look.
  • If you want to add colour or pattern, add accessories such as scarves, hats and coats.

At the end of it all, the roll neck is an item that can be easily dressed up or down, and you'll always go right with its sleek silhouette. Rock whatever look best suits your style; from plain to patterned, a roll neck is an essential wardrobe addition for any fashionista.


The winter version of a classic tee, turtlenecks are the must-have item for crisp mornings, lazy Sunday afternoons, and even more for chilly evenings.

A turtleneck is a high, tubular collar that fits closely around your neck — usually thinner and less chunky than roll necks. This makes them great for wearing underneath summer dresses as we transition from summer to autumn when warmth is needed.

When wearing a turtleneck, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Throw on some tights and boots with your dress of choice to keep you cosy when the temperature drops.
  • Try pairing it with a corduroy skirt or trousers for a seventies-inspired, chic look.
  • Opt for brighter, bolder colours like mustard and cherry red to stand out.
  • Throw on an overcoat or blazer in complementary shades to complete the look.
  • Tuck it into trousers or jeans to structure and shape your outfit.
  • And for those who lean maximalist, pair it up with an oversized blazer or coat for a bolder look.

Polo Neck 

The polo neck is the most casual of the three and is often seen as an 'everyday' item. It's an excellent staple for any wardrobe as it's easy to pair with almost anything. The collar is often much thinner than the turtleneck and roll neck, so it looks great when worn underneath a `blazer or coat. The v-neck can be made from many materials, including cotton, wool, linen, and more. 

When wearing this kind of top, there are a few things to remember.

  • Make sure you choose one that fits appropriately - too tight will make it uncomfortable to wear, while too loose may look sloppy.
  • Pay attention to what colours work best for you; darker shades, such as black or navy blue, tend to be more flattering on most people than lighter colours, like white or yellow.
  • Add scarves, hats, and jewellery to make your outfit stand out.
  • Match your outfit with other items, such as pants and jackets; if you want an office-ready look, pair your jumper with slacks for a classic yet modern aesthetic.

Roll necks, turtlenecks, and polo necks are must-have wardrobe items for any fashion lover. They give you the freedom to experiment with your style while staying warm and comfortable. Whatever the occasion, there's no doubt that Paul James Knitwear has the perfect jumper. With our vast range of luxurious, high-quality and stylish knitwear, you'll surely find a roll neck or turtleneck design that will express your unique style. Explore our collection and do your online shopping with ease today!

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