How To Wear A Roll Neck

Roll necks have graced the best dressed for decades, from iconic movie stars to modern street-style stars. Ready to learn how to incorporate this key piece of clothing into your wardrobe? Read our roll neck guide for tips on how to wear it and steal the show!

Are Roll Neck Jumpers in Fashion in 2024? 

"Are roll neck jumpers cool?" is one of the most popular questions. Well, the answer is a resounding yes. Roll neck jumpers were seen in abundance on the runways of Paris Fashion Week, suggesting they may well be a major trend for 2024. Various designers gave their twist to the look, from classic monochrome to bold prints and bright colours. If you want to get ahead of the trend, now is the time to experiment with this style.

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How To Style A Roll Neck For Men?

A roll neck can be a stylish addition to any man's wardrobe, adding a timeless look to formal and casual outfits. The trick is knowing how to style it correctly - whether you're looking for smart-casual office pieces or something versatile enough for weekend wear. Here are some top tips on how to wear a roll neck jumper for men:

Suit and Roll Neck

A roll neck shirt is an excellent styling alternative for those looking to switch up their style and opt away from the button-down shirt for office wear. The monochromatic look of a skivvy tucked into a suit gives you the perfect shape to pull off a tie-free yet sophisticated outfit.

To fully raise the bar with this look, pick out one made from fine merino wool, as this will keep it from wrinkling beneath your suit.

Layer it over a Shirt

On cooler days, you don't need to break out the heavy coat – a trusty roll-neck and overshirt are all you need. This combination will give off effortless vibes while keeping you looking good and versatile enough to work in almost any setting. Play with colours like beige and brown, as they generally tend to be crowd-pleasers. Yet feel free to dig up some more colours if you're feeling adventurous!

Try pairing the combo with dress pants and leather boots to give it a smarter look. The result? An outfit instantly elevated with minimal thought. To answer the question, "can you wear a roll neck with a shirt?" - Yes, you absolutely can!

Jeans and Roll Neck

Jeans are a closet staple we can all agree on, and pairing them with a roll neck is an easy way to dress up or down your look. Dark denim jeans pin-rolled with a camel or tan roll neck add a classic touch that can be paired with brown boots and a white teddy coat for the perfect winter ensemble.

If you're going for street style, find a simple neutral skivvy and top it off with a colourful blazer for an effortlessly cool vibe. With jeans and a roll neck, there is no limit to the looks you can put together!

All Black Look

If all else fails, you can always go right with a classic all-black look. It's an easy way to look fabulous without too much effort. Experiment with different textures and incorporate multiple layers to make this classic look stand out. A black cashmere roll neck paired with a slim-fitting woollen suit and an overcoat is a great smart casual winter option.

Alternatively, if you want something more relaxed, try sweatpants and leather sneakers with a lightweight skivvy for an effortlessly cool finish.

Jacket and Roll Neck

If you want to add extra power and confidence to your style, a leather jacket with a roll neck is the perfect combination. Icons of all eras have worn this classic, chic look - think James Dean in his iconic film roles - but it can be tailored to suit a modern wardrobe.

Worn over tailored trousers, it provides a high-impact style ideal for the business-casual office, while swapping out the trousers for jeans gives you an effortless but still sharp style that's perfect for weekends spent in a more relaxed setting.

Add a Pop of Colour

For those leaning on the maximalist side of style, remember to add a pop of colour to your roll neck looks. Bright-coloured skivvies combined with tonal outfits are an easy way to inject colour without it being too overpowering. Try rich greens, blues, oranges, and purples - these hues will help add a subtle but still statement-making element to your roll neck look.

How To Style A Roll Neck For Women?

And now, for the ladies, roll necks are versatile but also stylish and comfortable. Whether for a night out or to accompany an everyday look, you can dress them up or down depending on the occasion. Here are our top 5 tips on how to wear a roll neck jumper for women:

Roll Neck with Sleeveless Blazer

Make a style statement with the perfect sleeveless blazer and roll neck combination. This outfit can be dressed up for any occasion, whether you're heading to business meetings or lunch dates. A fitted pair of jeans will create a timeless silhouette, and a couple of heeled boots will add a touch of chic to your look.

With the added warmth of a roll neck, you can experiment with bold colours and designs to create your unique look.

Mini Skirt and Roll Neck

Are you tired of the same old jeans-and-roll neck combo? Then why not leave your comfort zone with a mini skirt and roll neck ensemble? Both pieces are versatile, providing an adaptable look to dress up or down. Start by tucking your favourite cosy roll neck into the skirt, then top off with your favourite footwear. Bare legs and sandals are perfect for summer, while opaque tights and boots would be great for winter style.

If you want to go glam, why not add some statement heels? No matter how you wear it, this mini skirt and roll neck combination will always look stylish and on-trend.

Trousers and Roll Neck

Channel your inner biker-chic with these classic leather trousers and roll neck look. This bold, stylish combination will turn heads while keeping you warm during these colder months. For a chic finish, pair it with your favourite heeled boots or trainers for a more relaxed vibe.

You can make your hair in a sleek bun for a timeless look or add some volume with curls and waves. This edgy style is sure to get you noticed!

Partner with a Dress

Creating a modern yet classic look doesn't have to be complicated. You can make the ultimate winter style by pairing your favourite dress with a roll neck underneath. Whether it's a flowy midi dress or an A-line mini, the key is to ensure the materials are lightweight. For instance, pair a thin cotton dress with a cashmere roll neck. Finish off with your favourite ankle boots for a timeless winter look.

Midi Skirt and Roll Neck

Opt for a midi skirt and roll neck combination if you want a more polished look. This is a perfect look for transitioning from day-to-night outfits. Dress it down with trainers during the day and add heeled boots for an evening ensemble.

Wear neutral colours like black or navy and accessorise with a belt, bag or statement jewellery for a timeless finish.

What to Consider When Wearing a Roll Neck? 

Regardless of how you style it, there are key tips to remember when wearing a roll neck jumper. Here are some things to consider:

  1. Pick a turtleneck that fits your body type and is comfortable.
  2. When choosing a turtleneck, think about what it is made of. It could be wool, cotton, or even a mix of materials. Choose the one that works best for the weather and what you will wear it for.
  3. A turtleneck can help keep you warm. Wear other clothes on top or underneath it. For example, wear a blazer, cardigan, or vest over your turtleneck for extra warmth in cold weather.
  4. Add jewellery like necklaces, earrings, and bracelets to your outfit with a turtleneck. This will make it look more stylish without removing the turtleneck's look.
  5. Pick pants that fit your waist and do not bunch up. This will make you look neat and polished.
  6. Choose shoes that go with the colour and style of your outfit. For colder months, boots are a good choice. For warmer months, sandals work well.

What to Wear with a Roll Neck Jumper?

There is no way to go wrong when wearing a roll-neck jumper. Whether it is to dress up or down, there are endless ways to wear a roll neck jumper. For quality knitwear that will last years, check out Paul James Knitwear. With a wide range of designs, you will find the perfect roll-neck jumper for your style and wardrobe. Be bold and experiment with colours, patterns, and textures - you never know what fantastic look you'll create! 

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